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How does the production of tea tote paper bags enhance the overall value

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-30

u200bWhat is the value of a product that doubles? Many merchants understand a truth that is to use excellent packaging to support the product itself and add color to the product. The following editor will give you a little analysis of the example of making tea paper bags.

u200bNon-professional friends may not know much about packaging. Some beautiful boxes are even more valuable than tea leaves. Many people should not believe it. I remember that when I visited the tea market once, a group of budget-conscious citizens stared at the box of choice, and then came with tea.

u200bI didn’t understand why at the time, but after comparing the tea that can help you lose weight, when many citizens bought tea as a gift for relatives and friends, the value of the tea made in high-end paper bags suddenly doubled. Friends who are professional in making tea, according to the type and efficacy, with exquisite and luxurious packaging, the price will be different immediately, the best Tieguanyin brand. Maybe two or three times at most.

u200bI want to say that although the product is sometimes very important, the packaging cannot be ignored. The packaging itself can affect the value and help customers achieve an improvement in quality. To give a real example: a high-end tea box sells for 50 yuan, and the tea with the original price of 200 yuan plus a paper bag can be sold for 400 yuan, and the overall profit can be doubled without the cost of packaging. A professional packaging box manufacturer for portable paper bags, you can call our custom hotline if you need it

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