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How does the jeans paper bag making factory process the kraft paper?

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-21

Modern paper bag manufacturers, paper bag manufacturers, and carton manufacturers have made great efforts to develop and utilize kraft paper, but kraft paper is different from other papers. The jeans paper bag making factories in the point have brought special challenges, so what process will the jeans paper bag making factories generally take to develop and utilize this new type of environmentally friendly paper bag making materials? Junye Packaging will give you a preliminary understanding of how the jeans paper bag manufacturing factory handles the material of kraft paper.

First of all, the process used in the first jeans paper bag manufacturing factory is post-press die-cutting:

The jeans paper bag making factory also knows that because the primary color kraft paper itself has a special structure, the strength of the kraft paper is relatively large and visible fiber characteristics, so the jeans paper bag making factory knows that the kraft paper is naturally more suitable for embossing, die cutting and die cutting engraved with these processing techniques. However, since the kraft paper has high-strength and tough primary fibers, the jeans paper bag manufacturing factory needs the kraft paper to pass through the deep indentation line to prevent it from rebounding. In addition, kraft paper also tests the sharpness of the die-cutting knife of the jeans paper bag making factory. It is also because the fiber strength of kraft paper is very high, so the jeans paper bag making factory also requires a relatively narrow indentation on the punching line. .

Then it is the second process technology of kraft paper by the jeans paper bag making factory:

During the bonding process, the jeans paper bag making factory noticed that the resin adhesive with high solidity and viscosity is more suitable for bonding at low temperature, so it is required to be cooled or condensed before it can be attached to the surface of the kraft cardboard. The key is not to It can be used in large quantities of kraft cardboard. The traditional hot melt adhesive used in the manufacture of jeans paper bags can also be used on kraft cardboard and polyester-coated kraft paper, and its utility is also outstanding. Because of its light weight, kraft cardboard is convenient for mass production on high-speed folder-gluing machines.

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