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How does the design of health care product packaging appear more upscale

by:Jialan Package     2022-02-04

With the rapid development of the economy, the problem of food and clothing that people were worried about in the past has been solved. Now that the problem of food and clothing has been solved, people gradually begin to enjoy life, health preservation has become popular, and the sales of various health care products have also increased. breakthrough. As gifts, health products also need everyone's attention, so how can the design of health product packaging appear more high-end? Let's take a look at Yiwu Jialan Package Co, LTD. ().

Simply from the box type, material, craftsmanship and design style, this box is a common book-shaped box. The book-shaped box packaging box is the box type used by most gift boxes, mainly to open Convenient, you can clearly see the packaged gifts, and at the same time, it can also play a better display role on the counter.

At the same time, we also saw that there is a layer of golden paper on the outside. This is gold cardboard. Gold; symbolizes wealth and honor in China. When choosing this layer of paper, people will choose gold cardboard. and golden specialty paper. The flannel inside the box should be regarded as the standard configuration for the packaging design of health care products, because most of the health care products are packaged in glass bottles.

From the process point of view, UV matte ink is used, which is called imitation metal etching ink. The gold cardboard here is a good partner with this ink, which can print products with a strong sandy feeling and beautiful appearance. , elegant and generous, so it has been promoted very quickly. In just a few years, it has occupied a considerable proportion of high-end packaging and printing fields such as cigarette packs, wine packs, cosmetics, and health care products.

From the design point of view, we have also worked hard in many places. Relevant information is printed on the surface, bottom and inner surface of the box after opening, and the product name is advertised in many places.

This is in line with the design style of health care products, because such a high-end gift box is not cheap, and the packaging box is also an important way for brand promotion.

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