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How does the design of cosmetic kraft paper bags satisfy customers?

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-03

How to do strategic cosmetic kraft paper bag design With the change of the times and the market, the concept of packaging has also undergone tremendous changes. Modern packaging has more thinking on the basis of satisfying functionality; the packaging strategy in the industry The 5W strategy of both design and packaging: What why design, Who design for whom, When design, Where design, Why design, we very much agree with this design idea, but it is difficult to draw a tiger and a skin, and it is a deep excavation. With a thorough understanding, we oppose the form of flower boxing and show legs, and require that while reflecting the heritage, we also need to convey the aesthetic feeling to consumers' spiritual enjoyment. After understanding these problems, I think the effectiveness of packaging will be greatly improved. Differentiated products will meet the needs of different consumers, and personalized brand positioning will be used to target different buyers. Products will not be drowned in the cruel competition. .

1. The cruelty of strategic packaging and brand market proves that what manufacturers manufacture are products with physical attributes, and what consumers buy are brands with emotional sustenance. Products are outdated and imitated by competitors, while brands are good. Lasting competitive advantage often comes from strong brands. The core of strategic packaging design lies in the brand's strategic positioning, strategic promotion and strategic marketing. As the terminal embodiment of the brand, the interaction of packaging is very important! Here, I would like to talk about the importance of packaging, especially wine packaging, to the brand; if we say that in the minds of consumers, all brands are packaging one by one , then, the quality of a brand's packaging will reflect the strength of the brand's popularity in the minds of consumers. The strength of the popularity in the minds of consumers will not only affect the brand value of the company, but also the business value of the company.

Second, the production of good kraft paper bags can confirm the quality of products, and consumers' affirmation of quality is part of a brand equity. Consumers' perceptions of a brand's quality often influence their perception of the brand's identity and other aspects. For businesses, estimating and understanding the value of existing customers. If you can reduce the number of existing customers who are empathetic by 5%, it can bring considerable growth to the business. The packaging industry is a highly competitive industry. With the intensification of competition, whether the core value with distinctive personality can be engraved in the hearts of consumers is the key to victory or defeat. As a terminal sales tool, packaging faces direct consumers. What it conducts is one-to-one direct communication. It should reflect the brand's affinity and reputation, so that consumers can understand the brand in the next close contact. Can generate goodwill, and ultimately influence their purchasing decisions. In layman's terms: brand identity eliminates

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