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How do tea kraft paper bag manufacturers use it to attract customers

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-26

Attractiveness is the number one factor in enhancing packaging. Attention is a feature of the process of people's cognitive mental activities, and it is the direction and concentration of people on the things they know. The phenomenon of attention is not an independent mental process, people will show the characteristics of attention whether in perception, memory or thought. From the analysis of psychological research, in order for a tea kraft paper bag manufacturer to make consumers pay attention and understand, understand, and form a stable memory, it is necessary to interact with the words, colors, graphics and The novelty characteristics of conditions such as sound are inseparable.

In people's visual cognitive activities, it is not passive to accept the stimulation of objective stimuli. Instead, it is carried out under the interaction of objective stimuli and people's subjective internal psychological factors. The text, pictures, colors and shapes of commodity packaging are all stimuli of visual elements to consumers, and these stimuli have certain novel image characteristics to attract consumers' attention.

It is not too difficult for designers to make kraft paper bags eye-catching, but to be different and to show the cultural connotation and dedication of the product is the key to the design process.

In the product packaging design elements, the color impact is strong. The color used in commodity packaging will make consumers associate, induce various emotions, and change the purchasing psychology. But there are certain rules that should be followed when using color to stimulate people's emotions. Psychological research believes that when drawing food packaging, do not use or use less blue and green colors. The use of orange and orange-red is reminiscent of a bumper harvest and maturity, thereby arousing the appetite of customers and prompting purchase actions. Just like in our real life, when consumers buy supplement products, most of them will be satisfied with the packaging of large areas of warm colors. For cleaning products, they are more interested in cool-toned packaging. This is not only the subjective reason of the commodity, but also the role of the consumer's emotional association.

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