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How do paper packaging box manufacturers do a good job in fire protection

by:Jialan Package     2022-01-19

Among the packaging box manufacturers, Yiwu Jialan Package Co, LTD. is mainly engaged in the design and printing of product packaging boxes, gift packaging boxes, card books, and other series of products. After sorting out the real cases that exist in all kinds of printing and packaging, how can paper packaging box manufacturers do a good job in fire prevention?

Printing on boxes The solvents used by manufacturers are generally flammable or combustible. Such as common acetone, white oil, gasoline, scrubbing water, denatured ethanol, thinner, wax/degreaser, xylene, turpentine, etc. The lower the flash point of the solvent, the more dangerous it is. And fire never has eyes, it can break out at any moment, and it can come to anyone.

1. Typesetting workshop. Its fire protection requirements mainly include:

(1) The phototype workshop should be set up in a separate room with the first and second fire resistance grades, and the interior decoration should be made of flame retardant materials, and should not be connected with other workshops.

(2) Air-conditioning equipment is always kept in good condition, and should not be close to flammable materials, and it is forbidden to use electric heaters for heating.

(3) There should be a separate regulated power supply circuit in the phototypesetting workshop.

(4) Someone must manage the preheating equipment at work; cut off the power supply in time when leaving get off work.

(5) These dangerous items such as alcohol and petroleum ether should be kept more than 500ml during imposition and revision. Generally, the stock should not exceed 500ml. No other sundries should be stored in the phototype workshop, all open flames, and irrelevant personnel are prohibited. Inside.

2. Printing workshop. The printing workshop uses a lot of flammable paper and ink, some of which are also used and some need to be heated. The fire danger is relatively high, and it is the key part of the packaging box printing factory. (1) Raise the room temperature in the workshop in winter, but do not use open fire for heating.

(2) Strengthen the ventilation in the workshop, and discharge the flammable gas volatilized from the ink in time. (The vapours will collect near open liquid containers. These invisible vapours are very dangerous. Keep in mind that vapours can also burn as long as there is spark or high temperature. It can be said that the printing shop is in a more dangerous situation environment.)

(3) For highly volatile flammable substances, the captain must cover the bottle mouth after use.

(4) Flammables with extremely low ignition point should be placed away from the place where the machine can generate heat after use. For example, motors (motors), power supplies, and air pumps should be placed in the company's designated flammable storage area after get off work.

3. Assembly workshop. Packing boxes Paper in the assembly workshop must be neatly stacked with passageways. When cutting, the paper feet should be cleaned regularly and sent to the designated safe place, and should not be stacked on the machine and motor. The open flame stove used should be surrounded by fences, not close to combustibles, and no items unrelated to production should be baked on the stove.

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The above is a detailed introduction to how paper packaging box manufacturers do a good job in fire prevention. Fire prevention is one of the most important safety measures. I hope everyone will pay more attention to avoid accidents.

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