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How can cosmetic kraft paper bag design be better

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-04

When people buy product packaging, they will buy it according to different personal preferences. The color of the cosmetic kraft paper bag design occupies the key point of the customer's favorite, and the personal favorite color is the desire to buy.

Choose specific colors according to different product needs. In people's hearts, a certain color symbolism will be formed because of the accumulation of long-term life experience. Therefore, in packaging, the choice of color should be cautious, and specific colors should be selected according to the needs of different products. For example, we can use all kinds of simple and elegant colors to combine and package products with profound Chinese classical meaning, which is very effective, but if we use these color elements to package modern and very strong children's toys, it is not in line with people's psychology, and even To say that such packaging is a failure.

Reasonably match and determine the main color and auxiliary color in the production of gift boxes. If several colors are randomly stacked and matched in the packaging, it will inevitably make the packaging too fancy, which will cause resistance to people's vision. Therefore, it is necessary to reasonably match and determine the main color in the packaging. Of course, the main color is not necessarily just one color, and different colors can be combined to form a color tendency. After determining the main color, it is necessary to reasonably match the auxiliary color, especially the text and patterns of different uses in the packaging can be highlighted with the auxiliary color.

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