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How are paper tote bags made?

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-21
Handmade paper bags are an important part of the production of paper bags. Many new customers will ask how paper bags are made. Now Quguang paper bag editor will introduce how to make handmade paper bags. Before making paper bags, in addition to the paper bag making steps such as creasing printing and other semi-automatic auxiliary equipment, it is mainly done by hand. Some people will say how advanced and efficient the machinery and equipment of a large factory paper bag manufacturer is, here we must tell you some facts. For example, the processing of some exquisite paper bags with relatively large demand, even in developed countries, they cannot automate such products.

How are paper bags made?

1. Choose the appropriate adhesive according to the material of the paper bag to avoid opening the glue. At the same time, the aging factor of the adhesive must also be considered.

2. The structure of the paper bag, the material of the handle and the connection form are various for paper bag products. We will discuss and use the appropriate handcraft method according to the specific situation. Some need to punch the handle mounting holes before making, and some need to use hot melt glue to fix the handle during the production process, etc. The planning of these hand-made processes needs to be completed before mass production, and once the process is confirmed, we should also strengthen the control of details in the hand-made process to prevent glue spill pollution and avoid scratches on the surface of the paper bags during production. Of course, the first piece of paper bag production before mass production can be re-evaluated with reference to the process planning during proofing.

3. The hand-made paper bags have basically been formed, and some paper bags still have the final process - punching, threading and other operations, so as to complete the final packaging of the paper bags.

Through the above discussion on the production process of the paper bag, a beautiful paper bag is finally completed by a series of complex processes. The negligence of a process link may lead to the occurrence of production quality accidents. The rigor of the craftsmanship is a necessary condition to ensure the quality of the product. In the whole process, we must strengthen the evaluation management of the process and the implementation of the first article confirmation procedure before mass production of each process, and at the same time, strictly control the tracking and control in the production process. Any perfect craftsmanship must depend on the strict implementation of craftsmanship procedures to ensure, and the production of handmade paper bags is no exception.
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