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How are gift boxes moisture-proof in the age of packaging?

by:Jialan Package     2022-02-18

Due to the pursuit of modern products, good packaging is essential, and some products need to be stored in frozen packaging, so how does the gift box prevent moisture?

1. The warehouse or factory where the gift box is stored must be well sealed, otherwise it is easy to get damp in the rainy season, foggy weather or areas with a large temperature difference between day and night.

2. There is a gap between the gift box and the ground, which can be raised with wooden planks, and there must be a certain space for ventilation below, so as to avoid the influence of the moisture on the ground.

3. If possible, you can choose to buy a dehumidifier. Generally, manufacturers producing air conditioners have gift box warehouse dehumidifiers for sale. This is a simple and fundamental moisture-proof method.

A good gift box will give people a pleasing feeling, so in order to prevent the gift box from being damaged by moisture, it is necessary to carry out the above methods to prevent moisture.

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