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Hot silver process made of kraft paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-16

I just learned about the cold stamping printing in the production of kraft paper bags with everyone yesterday, and today I cannot afford to miss the opportunity to learn professional knowledge. Cold bronzing is also called bronzing. Friends who are familiar with packaging and printing factories know that bronzing and bronzing are two commonly used fabric processing processes. The process principle of bronzing is basically the same as that of bronzing. One has a golden sheen and one has a silver sheen. That way, everyone can understand it.

Which kraft paper bags often use the hot silver process? After years of production cases, the most commonly used hot silver process is the production of cosmetic boxes. Almost the names, LOGOs, and lines of many cosmetic boxes will use hot silver technology. It can make the pattern clearer, more beautiful, and make the colors bright and dazzling. In the printing process, the hot silver process accounts for more than 25%, especially in the production of paper kraft paper bags. It can play the role of finishing touch and highlight the theme of the product. In terms of trademarks and names, the effect is better.

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