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High-quality Gold Glitter Gift Bag Paper Bag Wholesale - Jialan Package

High-quality Gold Glitter Gift Bag Paper Bag Wholesale - Jialan Package
Paper Gift Bags with Gold Glitter Finish for Daily Use
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30% deposit and 70% balance by T/T ; Westunion, paypal
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1000 pcs
Ready sample for free, delivery charge is on clients; Customized Sample : $100/design. It takes 3days to finish sample.
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Why do gift stores love to sell paper gift bags with glitter finish?

Glitter paper bag with gold glitter finish treatment design, is a stylish and elegant choice for presenting gifts for various occasions. This gold glitter gift bag combines the convenience of a gift bag with a touch of luxury and sophistication, making your gifts stand out and leaving a lasting impression. So, Why do gift store love to sell gift bag packaging with a glitter finish? Let's discuss next. 

Glitter gift bags, made from exquisite glitter paper, offer an array of advantages that make them a captivating choice for any occasion. These shimmering bags not only add a touch of elegance and luxury to the presentation but also provide a unique opportunity to showcase your thoughtfulness and attention to detail. The use of glitter paper enhances the overall aesthetics, creating an eye-catching sparkle that instantly grabs attention. Whether you're gifting jewelry, cosmetics, or small trinkets, these bags elevate the perceived value of your present while effortlessly standing out from regular gift packaging options. Additionally, their durable construction ensures that they can withstand the weight and pressure associated with carrying precious items securely. From birthdays to weddings or festive celebrations, glitter gift bags are perfect for adding a dash of glamour and excitement to any special moment in life. 


Three advantages of Jialan glitter gift bags

Aesthetics: The gold glitter finish of sparkly gift bags adds a touch of luxury and elegance to the gift presentation, making it feel special and well thought out.

Convenience: Using gift bags eliminates the need for wrapping paper and can save time while still presenting the gift in an attractive manner.

Reusability: High-quality gift bags can often be reused by the recipient for their own gift-giving needs or as stylish storage solutions.


Gold Glitter Finish, Luxurious and exquisite appearance experience
The gold glitter finish adds a touch of glamor and charm to the glitter favor bags. The designer cleverly uses the modern glitter powder process to create small golden glittering flowers after partial treatment, creating a stunning and luxurious visual effect.

High-quality threaded ribbon handle, beautiful and practical

These glitter goodie bags feature a strong yet soft threaded ribbon handle. The color of these handles complements the overall matching of the paper bag, providing people with beautiful, portable and practical performance.


Thickened bottom, durable and not easy to deform

This large glitter gift bag boasts a strategically fortified bottom, with an added layer of exceptionally sturdy gray cardboard meticulously inserted to elevate the overall support structure of the paper bag. With an impressive weight-bearing capacity of approximately 5kg, this design not only ensures an extended lifespan but also enhances its reusability quotient. Its robust construction significantly mitigates the risk of deformation and cracking, contributing to its resilience over time.
Customize paper gift wrap bags to fit your merchandise
Jialan Package can customize environmentally friendly paper packaging bags suitable for your product size according to your needs, whether you are in the clothing, accessories industry, or small electronics and cosmetics industries.  
Small Size:23x10x18cm

The small size can hold silk scarves, small dolls, milk tea drinks and other small items.

Big Size:32x10x26cm

 The large size can hold clothes, books and heavy objects.

The new look of Jialan Package Office in 2023
Yiwu Jialan Package Co.,Ltd

One-stop paper gift packaging custom design and production OEM/ODM service.

Has obtained multiple international safety production certificates.

Quality certification, quality assurance.

"Production quality is the first lifeline of enterprise development", in order to guarantee the safety of customers, we have applied for multiple certifications at home and abroad, including FSC, SGS, FDA, ISO9001, Disney ect.
At present, the packaging we produce has been exported to more than 30 overseas countries, and our quality has won unanimous praise from customers!

300+ workers, daily output up to 80000+

Jialan company has been established for more than 15 years.Until this year, the scale of Jialan has grown to 8000㎡. The company has purchased two large-scale automatic bag folding machines and one laminating machine, cutting machine, etc. We have absorbed the production mode of combining advanced technologies at home and abroad, breaking through the daily production of 80,000+ Forehead.We have sufficient production capacity to meet the custom production needs of customers around the world who order large quantities of paper gift bag packaging.

Why choose Jialan custom paper bags gift packaging?

1.Quality and design: Jialan can provide high quality paper bags with attractive designs to suit your branding or occasion. The aesthetics and durability of their bags can be important factors in your decision.


2.Customization options: Jialan can provide a wide range of customization options, such as selection recommendations for paper bag sizes, colors, materials, handles and finishes, which is a good choice for those looking for custom packaging solutions.


3.Branding: Custom paper bags can serve as an extension of your brand image. If Garland can produce according to your design requirements, including your logo printing process, brand colors and other brand elements, etc., to help you achieve the best printing effect.


4.Eco-Friendly Choice: Jialan is an enterprise that focuses on environmental sustainability, we provide you with more eco-friendly packaging solutions, such as using recycled materials or providing biodegradable options, making your packaging more attractive to those with strong environmental conscious consumer.


5.Price and Value: The cost of Jialan custom paper bag gift wrap compared to the value it provides can be an important consideration. We deeply understand the price needs of customers, and will match you with paper bag packaging that is more suitable for your budget.


6.Customer Service: Good customer service can make the customization and ordering process smoother. We can respond to customer needs in the first time and help customers complete orders. High-quality pre-sales and after-sales services will bring you a more pleasant ordering experience.

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