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High-end Jewelry Box Customization Guide

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-03

When designing a premium box for your brand, consider the type of jewelry and how it will be displayed. Use popular logos, color schemes, and designs in the box to extend your branding. Whether it is a beautiful jewelry box or a paper carrier bags, it can add a touch of elegance when displaying jewelry. Customize jewelry boxes from a variety of fashion-forward packaging materials as well as current trends, allowing brands to stay on-trend.

When considering which materials are right for your fine jewelry, it's important to think about what materials won't damage fine jewelry. At the same time, the material chosen for the packaging box does not contain chemical components that can tarnish jewelry. The flannel material is a very good choice. On the one hand, the flannel does not contain harmful chemical components, and on the other hand, the instant noodles of the flannel are very soft and will not scratch the surface of jewelry.

High-end packaging boxes should give jewelry a good display space and protection function. Custom packaging box lining is a very good choice, the most common packaging lining materials are: sponge, paper, plastic, metal and so on. Although these linings have good protective functions, the surface of the lining should also be pasted with a layer of soft packaging materials, such as flannelette, which can also play a cleaning role under the premise of ensuring that the jewelry is not scratched. At the same time, many packaging linings are also a very good display stand, which can well display jewelry in front of customers.

Another very important factor is that important information about the brand should be displayed in the packaging box, such as: Logo, brand color, etc. This will make it easier for potential customers to identify your brand through the color of the box and the logo. At the same time, when brand information appears in front of potential customers countless times, it is also doing a silent promotion for the brand.

In short, the packaging box is an important part of jewelry, and at the same time, it is also an important element that constitutes the brand packaging. Jewelry boxes can not only provide protection for products, but also help brands play a role in publicity.

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