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High-end hotel mid-autumn moon cake gift box case

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-03

As we all know, the outer packaging of high-end moon cake gift boxes is generally more delicate than ordinary gift boxes. In fact, part of the price we pay for buying mooncakes will be spent on exquisite high-end packaging boxes. The reason is that most of the mooncake gift boxes are given to relatives and friends, and the more high-end the outer packaging of the product, the more it can reflect the gift giver's intentions. Every year when the Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, many high-end hotels or luxury brands will use innovative packaging designs to compete for consumers' attention, such as:

The Fullerton Hotel

In addition to the delicious mooncakes at The Fullerton Hotel, the mid-autumn mooncake gift box is also very gorgeous. The appearance of the box resembles an antique miniature suitcase. The turquoise box is adorned with brightly colored peacocks. With golden Chinese calligraphy, it is very Chinese.

Grand Hyatt Hotel

The mooncakes from Grand Hyatt are packaged in a marbled double red gift box. There is a very eye-catching golden buckle on the front design. The top layer of the gift box refers to the box structure of the clamshell box, and the bottom layer refers to the box structure of the drawer box. The combination of the gift box structure can not only display the product well, but also save the packaging space. After the moon cake is eaten, it is very good to store jewelry and cosmetics.

The Ritz-Carlton

For those who really like a neat and orderly desk, they must like the Ritz-Carlton mooncake packaging box. It's not so much a box, I think it's more like a very functional desktop storage cabinet. Open the lid on the top of the gift box, in addition to being able to pop up a hidden space that can store three pens. There are also three independent storage spaces on the top, which can be used to store common stationery such as paper clips and dovetail clips. The photo frame on the lid can also be used as a notepad. There are also two drawer boxes on the side, which can be used to store post-it notes, staplers and other stationery.

As can be seen from the above case of moon cake gift boxes, the core of high-end moon cake gift boxes is to attract the attention of potential customers through unique packaging design. The ingenious design of the Mid-Autumn Festival mooncake gift box will increase the reusability of the packaging, which not only avoids excessive product packaging, but also continuously conveys your brand to customers in the process of repeated use.

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