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Have you made the printing process for making paper portable paper bags?

by:Jialan Package     2021-04-01

The production and printing of hand-held paper bags is an important means and way to increase the added value of products, enhance the competitiveness of products, and open up the market. Therefore, the production of various hand-held paper bags has become the main output products of the hand-held paper bag manufacturers. As a designer of portable paper bag production, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of the necessary knowledge of the printing process of portable paper bag production, in order to make the designed portable paper bag production works more functional and beautiful. Therefore, the editor deliberately collected and summarized some knowledge of the printing process of making hand-held paper bags to encourage everyone!

There are many ways to make portable paper bags, the methods are different, the operation is also different, and the printing effect is also different. Traditionally used printing methods are mainly divided into the following four categories:

(1) Letterpress printing

Letterpress printing means that the graphic part of the printing plate is higher than the non-graphic part, the ink on the ink roller can only be transferred to the graphic part of the printing plate, and the non-graphic part has no ink, thus completing the printing of the printed matter . Any printed matter that has slight prints on the back of the paper, neat lines or dot edges, and the ink appears light in the center, is letterpress printing.

(2) Gravure printing

Contrary to letterpress printing, the graphic part of the printing plate is lower than the non-graphic part, forming a groove shape. The ink is only covered in the groove, and there is no ink on the surface of the printing plate. The paper is covered on the upper part of the printing plate. The printing plate and the paper are pressurized to transfer the ink from the concave part of the printing plate to the paper. Gravure printing products have thick ink layers, bright colors, and the printing plate has the advantages of high printing resistance, stable printing quality, and fast printing speed, so it has been widely used in practice.

(3) Lithographic printing

The graphic part and the non-graphic part of the printing plate are kept flat on the surface, the graphic part is covered with a layer of oil film rich in grease, and the non-graphic part absorbs appropriate moisture. When ink is applied, the graphic part repels moisture and absorbs the ink, and the non-graphic part absorbs water and forms an ink-resistant effect.

Reminder: Because the lithographic printing method is simple in work and low cost, it has become the most used method in printing now.

(4) Screen printing

Screen printing means that the ink leaks from the mesh of the graphic part to the substrate under the squeeze of the squeegee, and the screen mesh of the non-graphic part is blocked, and the ink cannot leak to the substrate. To complete the printing of printed matter.

Reminder: Screen printing can also be used for large-area printing, and the maximum range of printed products can reach 3 meters × 4 meters, or even larger.

The above are the four commonly used printing processes for making and printing paper hand-held paper bags. Have you gained anything after reading them?

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