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Have you heard of the gravure printing technology for the production of colored paper bags?

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-17

Color paper bag making industry In the printing industry market in mainland China, the color paper bag making product is a kind of printing product with huge demand. Since its birth, the color paper bag making product has been widely used in China. From textbooks in various schools, to various entertainment magazines, and then back to professional academic journals in the school, etc. These are the applications of color paper bag making products, and the production of color paper bags will often be in the form of customized packaging factory products. Everyone has a variety of needs.

Then some basic knowledge of lithography and production in the production of color paper bag manufacturers and paper bag printing and production.

At present, when quite a lot of color paper bag making companies are producing various color paper bag making products, there will be more paper bag making factories that choose to use lithographic production methods to make color paper bag making products. The lithographic printing in the production and production of colored paper bags is named after the development of lithographic printing. The materials used for the production of colored paper bags in lithographic printing plates are widely used, and then improved into metal zinc plates or aluminum plates as plates, but colored paper bags are produced. The principle of the product is traditional, and the basic procedures and changes in the printing process of colored paper bags are not much changed.

Many color paper bag production and printing companies basically choose the most advanced color paper bag production and printing process to complete the overall production when using lithographic production. The non-printing part of some paper bags is not divided into high and low, that is to say, it is flat. The principle of water and oil immiscibility is used to keep the printed part with a layer of oil film with grease, and this is used to obtain a better printing effect of color paper bags. .

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