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Gift boxes to find favorite elements, gift boxes, packaging boxes, sample albums

by:Jialan Package     2022-02-10

;gift box; strategy gets its name from the fact that people always give away the corresponding gift box for free when they sell a product, combine the product with the gift box, and customers only need to pay the price of the product to get the whole set . The ;gift box; strategy is a promotion where gift boxes are often given as free bonuses in order to make the set more attractive. It's not hard to find things people like and want, find them often, and incorporate them into your products. Gift boxes should look natural in order to attract people to buy. ;Gift Box; The basis of the strategy is the judgment principle of psychology, in this case, people's judgment of value is not based on the product itself, but on the gift box that comes with the product, the more expensive the gift box, the more valuable the product is considered to be .

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