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Gift Boxes - A Wide Variety Is Good

by:Jialan Package     2022-01-28

We all love to buy gifts, but how much do you know about gift boxes? Do you know how many kinds it has? Let the editor take you to know all kinds of gift boxes below!

1. Paper products, most of which are found on the market today are paper gift box packaging. Such materials have relatively low cost, and are easily degradable and environmentally friendly. They are undoubtedly ideal materials.

2. For plastic products, some things have a certain water solubility, and paper packaging boxes are easily soaked, so plastic packaging is used.

3. Metal products, which are used as gift boxes, can be said to be to show the characteristics of tallness, bring people a metal texture, and are also relatively gift packaging materials.

4. Bamboo products, this kind of material brings people a natural and simple feeling, but generally the cost is relatively high.

5. Glass products, glass gives us a crystal clear feeling, which can show an extraordinary beauty, but it is a fragile product, and the cost is too high, so it is not suitable for promotion.

In short, there are many materials for gift box packaging, but from the perspective of energy saving and environmental protection, are paper products better?

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