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【Gift Box】Why does the glue appear?

by:Jialan Package     2022-01-24
Now the gift box is more and more delicate and beautiful, and the process and color requirements of the gift box packaging have also changed a lot. The gift box is not a one-time molding, so it is inevitable to use glue to stick it, but the gift box is glued again. It is often unavoidable. Next, there is a detailed summary of Hangzhou gift box manufacturers:
1. The viscosity of the adhesive is not enough or the amount of glue applied is not enough;
2. The material of the adhesive and the gift box do not match;
3. The sticky mouth part of the gift box is surface processed by laminating and glazing, the adhesive is difficult to penetrate the surface layer, penetrate into the paper, and the carton is difficult to stick firmly;
4. The pressure after folding and gluing is insufficient, and the pressing time is not long enough, which is not conducive to the strong paste
For the above problem of unsteady pasting caused by the adhesive, the manufacturer should choose the adhesive suitable for the material of the gift box. There are various reasons for the opening of the gift box, and the choice of a good adhesive is also very important. Friends who need custom gift boxes, welcome to consult and buy.
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