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【Gift Box】What is the significance of packaging goods?

by:Jialan Package     2022-01-24
Whenever the Spring Festival is approaching, everyone will visit relatives and friends to bring a gift and send a good blessing. This is a traditional custom of our Chinese. When giving gifts, choose a good gift box to match the product. An exquisite package not only improves the value of the product, but also reflects a person's cultural heritage.
First of all, as a type of commodity packaging, gift boxes achieve the basic functions of packaging, that is, to protect commodities, transmit commodity information, and promote commodities. Secondly, to a large extent, gift boxes are used to promote commodities with their exquisite shapes and decorations, improve the competitiveness of commodities, and are one of the important means to convert products into commodities. important link between them.
Later, using gift boxes to package products is also an art and a manifestation of commodity value, especially in today's rapid development of knowledge economy and information science, national culture, regional culture, and Chinese and Western cultures blend and collide.
When you give a gift with an exquisite gift box, it not only looks good, but it is also more popular with the host. Therefore, it is necessary to pack the goods.
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