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[Gift Box] Quality inspection is required for packaging

by:Jialan Package     2022-02-21

With the continuous development of society, in order to suit the fast pace of work and life, gift boxes have become our products. In order to ensure the packaging of gift boxes, the following points must be checked to ensure that everyone can use them with confidence.

1. Appearance inspection: Visual inspection in a bright room.
2. Inspection of process requirements: Visual inspection in a bright room or using measuring tools against process documents and materials.
3. Hygienic requirement testing: Check the supplier's hygienic license, official inspection report and certificate of conformity for each batch of products.
In short, it is very necessary to conduct quality inspection on gift boxes before they are put into use. Many people are concerned about the packaging of gift boxes. This is an issue worthy of attention, and everyone needs to pay attention.

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