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by:Jialan Package     2022-02-10

The rationalization of gift boxes starts at the design stage of the product. The rationalization of packaging should start from the source, and product design is the source of packaging rationalization. When designing products in traditional industries, they often mainly consider product quality, performance, style, raw material selection, cost, small size and compactness, etc., and do not pay much attention to the rationality of packaging and the saving of packaging materials, such as moving and warehousing. , The convenience and rationality of transportation. Architectural design, especially the design of buildings in shops and bustling streets, should also consider the convenience of cargo loading and unloading operations. Every enterprise and every product designer should realize the importance of logistics, and fully consider the rationality of packaging, the standardization of packaging molds, the consistency of packaging molds and pallet sizes, packaging recycling and resources in the product design stage. use, etc.

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