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Gift box manufacturers, who dare to compare

by:Jialan Package     2022-02-12

Hangzhou gift box manufacturers come to tell you about some characteristics of Hangzhou gift boxes in color design. Generally speaking, a good packaging box can give people a bright feeling, and to a certain extent, it can increase the added value of a product. So what do we use as a reference when choosing the color of the box?

First of all, if the food needs to be packaged, the colors of pink and goose yellow will be chosen, which can make people feel close and warm. And if you use brown and green are very good. On the packaging of beverages, blue and green color schemes are chosen.

During the Chinese New Year, you will see some bright colors for gift box customization, especially the big red. In the external packaging, in addition to the main color design, some color lines and color point designs will also be used, which can also make the content of the packaging stand out to a certain extent.

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