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Gift box manufacturers tell you how to choose a bird's nest packaging box

by:Jialan Package     2022-02-13

There are various types of gift packaging boxes. Whether it is in product classification or in the design of the box, there are different printing processes. The gift box is to highlight the preciousness of the gift, so the packaging should also be multi-layered. , Today the gift box factory tells you how to choose the bird's nest packaging box.

Bird's nest is different from other foods. It is one of the essential foods for the upper class to keep healthy What should be paid attention to?

First of all, the surface printing of the bird's nest gift box should not be too bright, such as the color is too dark, so as to avoid excessive odor. The appearance of the general bird's nest gift box is very close to the color of the bird's nest itself, and it looks and feels. It seems to be more integrated, so the material is generally selected from paper, and the inner tray can also be made of paper card, which is conducive to environmental protection and does not affect the preservation of bird's nest.

》》》Gift box factory tells you what material is usually used to make gift boxes

Gift boxes tend to be younger, youthful celebrations are more easily accepted by recipients, and can better meet the needs of consumers, so gift boxes are more custom-made, but some small boxes for accessories It is universal.

The above is the introduction of Yiwu Jialan Package Co, LTD.() Recycling is also a future development trend.

The global market was valued at custom paper packaging in custom paper packaging and is expected to reach a market value of custom paper packaging by custom paper packaging, with a CAGR of custom paper packaging during the forecast period.
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