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by:Jialan Package     2022-02-20

【Hangzhou gift box manufacturer】teach you how to package gifts

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Hangzhou gift box manufacturers teach you how to package gifts:

1. Cube-shaped packaging method for square items:

1. Cut the wrapping paper to be the length around the box + 2~3 cm, the width to be the width of the box + 3 cm, and place the bottom of the box on the paper

2. Fold the paper on the right side inward along the box and keep the edge of the paper in the box

3. Fold the paper on the left side inwards again

4. Fix the overlap of the paper with clear glue or double-sided tape

5. The paper on both sides is folded inward along the box

6. According to the order, fold the paper into a beautiful trapezoid

7. Lightly mark the junction of the upper and lower origami paper

8. Keeping the mark parallel to the edge, fold the paper underneath

9. Use double-sided tape or a nice sticker to fix the joint, then wrap the other side, turn it over to the front of the box, and decorate it with ribbon or flowers.

Second, the packaging method of the box:

1. Prepare paper. First, as shown in the picture, with the front of the box facing out, fold the paper in front of you to cover the 3 corners

2. Secondly, as shown in the picture, at the same position, fold the outer paper, confirm whether the corners of the three sides are covered, and then proceed down if the conditions 1 and 2 are satisfied

3. Wrap the front of the box with the paper in front of you, stick the fold lines tightly on the left and right corners of the box, and fix the corners with tape after finishing.

4. Press and hold the pressed position as shown in the picture, then put the box and wrapping paper to the outside together

5. Lift up the paper on the right side, fold it close to the corner of the box, and then fold it to the outside like the left side, close to the corner of the box, and fix the corner of the box with tape. Fold the excess paper inwards and wrap the front

6. Fold the paper at the bottom of the right side inward to form a neat fold line close to the corner of the box. The paper standing on the outside cannot be exposed to the sides, fix it with tape, and then tidy up the front.

7. Fold the outer paper to the side of the body, fold the excess paper inward along the edge of the box, and fix the edge with tape 8. Turn the box to the front, the packaging is completed, tie a ribbon or decorate it

Three, the inclined packaging method of the thin gift box:

1. Prepare the paper, as shown in the picture, fold the paper inward along the edge of the box, so that the corner of the paper is above the box cover

2. Then fold the paper at the back to the front to ensure that it can cover the whole of the box. If the conditions 1 and 2 cannot be met, the paper size does not meet the requirements.

3. Press and hold the upper folded corner, fold the paper on the left side, and cleanly receive the excess paper to the inside

4. Use tape to fix the upper corner and the left side of the main fold, and fold the paper at the back or lift the box slowly

5. While sorting out the excess paper, turn the box over to the inside

6. The paper on the right side can be folded inward in the same way as the left side, keeping the fold vertical.

7. The remaining paper should be folded inward and sorted

8. Then fold the excess corners inward, fix it with double-sided tape, and then tie the ribbon on the box to complete

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