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Gift box factory explains what glues are commonly used in packaging boxes

by:Jialan Package     2022-02-12

The main structure of the gift packaging box is divided into two types: foldable gift packaging box and non-foldable gift packaging box. This kind of gift packaging box can be folded and formed without sticking. Non-foldable gift packaging boxes, such as heaven and earth covers, flip boxes, etc., need to use glue for pasting. The following gift box factory explains what glues are commonly used in packaging boxes.

Jelly glue is named for its appearance like jelly. The main component is hot melt glue, which is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless, and has a clear fragrance. It is mainly used in the pasting process of gift packaging boxes. The main methods of gluing are glue machine gluing and manual gluing.

White latex White latex is one of the oldest glues. It is suitable for the pasting of glossy glue, matte paper and ordinary paper, special paper, gold and silver cardboard, plastic boxes and wooden boxes. It is widely used in the production of hardcover boxes, jewelry boxes, moon cake boxes, wine boxes, gift boxes and PVC leather boxes in the printing and packaging industry.

Paper plastic, suitable for the bonding of glossy glue, sub glue and ordinary paper, special paper, art paper, pearl paper, etc. It is not only widely used in the production of gift packaging boxes but also in the production of paper bags.

In fact, in addition to these types, the glues that can be used in the production of gift packaging boxes include water-based glue, all-purpose glue, jigsaw glue and so on.

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