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【Gift Box】Do not let fashion appear flawed

by:Jialan Package     2022-02-21

A brief discussion on the problem of glue opening in the bonding process of gift boxes

In the process of gluing packaging products such as gift boxes, the following problems are always prone to occur: the amount of glue applied is too thick, which leads to the overflow of glue after pressing, which not only affects the beauty of the product, but also is prone to packaging. The boxes stick to each other. If this happens, it should be left to dry for 2 to 5 minutes after brushing, and the adhesive should be dried before pressing. The glue brush is too thin and the drying time is too long, which will lead to poor adhesion and sometimes no adhesion at all. When this happens, you should consult the manufacturer according to the instruction manual.

Without pressing or the pressure is too small, the bonded product will automatically bounce. This situation is mainly for products with high stiffness, so it should be pressed for at least half an hour, because many adhesives are in contact with each other. Therefore, the two adhered surfaces are pressed together. In unit time, if the initial adhesive force is less than the elasticity of the product, the product will bounce, so the general product requires a pressing time of 0.5 hours.

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