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Gift box customization trend

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-08

As the control of the new crown epidemic in China is getting better and better, domestic physical stores have slowly recovered. At the same time, the aesthetics of gift box design are constantly evolving. In the past year, we have also seen a variety of ostentatious and bright gift packaging styles in the market, which also confirms the gradual change in the trend of minimalism. But this does not mean that the minimalist style is no longer popular, but that the public's aesthetics are becoming more and more diverse. In addition to the minimalist packaging design style that was popular in the past, the following box customization trends will also be popular in the future.

textured box

Since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, many brands have been very aware of the importance of e-commerce, but as retail stores continue to recover, we can see that some brands have shifted their key packaging design elements to enhance the in-store shopping experience. One of the most popular trends is the textured gift box. We can consider adding embossing, embossing and other packaging processes on the packaging box. The purpose of adding packaging texture is to improve the tactile effect of the packaging box and bring a good tactile experience to customers.

box with window

Same goes for textured boxes. The shopping shelves of retail stores are generally stocked with various brands of products, and the product packaging boxes with windows are designed to attract customers' attention and allow customers to see the products more intuitively. Thereby increasing the opportunity for customers to interact with the product to increase the sales volume of the product.

into the emotion

Designing to evoke specific emotions that resonate with your product is becoming more and more popular. For example, the curvaceous and repetitive typography used in many pet supply boxes these days is very interesting. Plus the fun illustrations of animals simply inspire fun. The overall design of the box is to use small animals to bring us emotional joy.

Environmental packing box

We know very well that plastics are harmful to our environment, and the impact is very long-lasting. However, we have many sustainable packaging solutions, and packaging cartons are a good example. At the same time, more and more innovative materials are now on the market. Such as: biodegradable plastics.

The customization trend of gift packaging boxes is always changing, but all packaging trends are changing around the needs and aesthetics of customers.

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