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[Gift Box] Beautiful design, naturally pleasing to the heart

by:Jialan Package     2022-02-21

When designing a gift box, the color design requirements of the gift box are very important. The color of the gift box should be able to reveal or reflect the inner packaging items. People can basically perceive or associate the inner packaging when they look at the outer packaging. What is the packaging of the gift box. The following is a detailed introduction to the color design requirements of the gift box.

1. From the industry, the main colors of food gift boxes are light yellow and pink to express the feeling of warmth and intimacy. Of course, many of them are green, and beverages are green and green. There are a lot of blue colors, a lot of wine and cakes use bright red, a lot of rose-colored food is used for children's food, and the main colors of daily cosmetics are mostly rose, pink white, light green, and light blue. Most of the clothing, shoes and hats are dark green, dark blue, brown or gray.

Second, in terms of performance characteristics, as far as food is concerned, cakes and desserts are mostly made of gold and light colors to give people a fragrant impression; tea, beer and other beverages are mostly red or green, which symbolizes the richness of tea. and aroma; tomato juice and apple juice are mostly red, which concentrates on the natural properties of the item.

Although some gift boxes do not look like the above-mentioned colors with similar product attributes, if the design of the gift box is written by one's own hand, then, in its The picture of the gift box must have the symbol color block, color point, color line or the concentrated content highlighted by that color. This should be everyone's favorite work.

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