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gift bags for bottles

by:Jialan Package     2020-03-17
Sometimes you want to be able to give you a bottle of beautifully packaged wine instead of in a hokey paper bag.
Even those gift bags that are special for bottles are not always suitable, or not special enough, and the price is beyond their value.
Here\'s a quick way to make your own gift bag with pieces of fleece that you may already have around the house. (
If not, you can buy the rest at the fabric store for very little money. )
The advantage of these bags is the ability to provide mats for bottles.
The person who receives them can then turn around and reuse them as gift bags for later occasions.
About 20 \"by 20\", one bottle is enough. Thread (
Ideally, a good contrast to the fabric).
Grocery Bag (Brown)
You can use any paper, but grocery bags have some unique qualities that work better for this project. )
Pencil bottle to be packed.
Fold it apart at all corners of the paper bag.
Try cutting along each fold.
This will allow you to use very straight edges and help keep everything Square.
Align the bottom of the bottle at one edge and mark the top (
You want the point at the top of the bottle bag).
You can make it longer than the bottle if you want.
Use a fold on the paper bag to guide you and draw a line from one end of the paper to the other.
You can either use a ruler or a fold on a paper bag to guide the eye and form a reasonable straight line. (
I drew my line with creases as a guide. )
Line the wire you just drew.
This will give you a rectangular piece of paper with the same length of the edge as your bottle.
Align the bottle along that edge and roll it up as if you were packing the bottle in paper.
When you wrap the paper all the way around the bottle, mark a point in about 1/4 of the overlap.
You don\'t have to be very accurate.
The stretch of this fleece is quite good.
Spread the paper.
Now fold the paper and mark a straight line with a pencil where you mark the overlap. (
Use two vertical edges to help make sure your line is reasonably perpendicular to those edges. )
Find a broken piece of paper from the paper bag and walk along the bottom of the bottle.
Slide the pencil along the side of the bottle to help keep the circle you draw around the bottle.
This will also help to keep the pencil perpendicular to the paper, so you won\'t try to track the bottom of the bottle\'s Bend.
Go ahead and cut the circle.
This should give you a square shape (
Pipe part of package)
There is a circular shape at the bottom of the bag.
Use the two paper samples you make to cut the fleece. (
This photo shows two square pieces folded and ready to sew into a tube. )
Tip: Find out how the fleece extends and make sure the long edges of your square are perpendicular to it.
What you want is a natural stretch of the fabric in order to be able to stretch around the bottle. (
If you can\'t arrange your pattern like that on your waste wool, don\'t worry, the item will still be fine, but you may find it a little difficult for the bag to slide on the bottle, that\'s all. )
If you want a wool ribbon, you can also cut a narrow and thin wool.
About an inch wide, thin enough.
Make sure that the direction of the fabric extension is the long length along this strip.
After cutting, stretch the fabric as much as possible.
Notice how the edges curl and it starts to look like a rope.
This will be a nice ribbon and the curl will hide all your crumbles. Using a zig-
Zag needle, sew the part of the square into a tube.
Sew along the edge of the fabric.
Make sure you sew along the long side of the square, otherwise your tube is too short to hold the length of the bottle and too wide to match the tube at the bottom.
Then, sew the rounded part to one end of the tube.
You may want to fix these pieces together with pins.
Alternatively, you can take the time to manually sew this piece with very rough stitching (
This is called basting).
Again, make sure you just sew your clothes on the edge of the fabric. That\'s it.
You have already completed the construction part of this project.
Tip: I used blanket stitching on my machine but you can use zig-zag stitch. (
Most machines have a zig-zag stitch. )
If you only have straight seams, that\'s OK.
Just Sew along the edges of the two fabrics.
It doesn\'t matter if you accidentally enter the fabric too deep from the edge;
The fleece will still stretch around the bottle and you can trim off the excess fabric.
When you sew a long seam with the machine, the piece on the top will lengthen a bit and the last two pieces do not match.
Don\'t worry, you are not measuring or cutting wrong;
When you sew, the machine adds elasticity to the fabric on the top.
Just trim off the extra fabric so the edges of the tube are uniform again.
You can even sew this with your hands if you don\'t have a machine.
Try to keep your stitches small.
If your seams still look bad, you can turn the bag over.
This is not necessarily very sturdy as it is just a bag for a gift bottle.
Now, you can slide the bottle into the bag and tie it up with a beautiful ribbon or a slender wool strip.
You can add a decorative stitching to the top edge of your bottle bag.
I made a little move.
Sew a lap at the top of one of my bags.
You can also do blanket stitching with hand embroidered floss.
This can help hide a dirty edge if your cut is not very stable.
Although the description is long, it does not take a long time.
It took me about 40 minutes but I had to stop and continue taking pictures.
If you are a careful person, all you need to do is make the pattern once and save it and recreate itusing later.
If you don\'t want to take the time to make your own bag, you can go straight to chase (so to speak)
Buy a pair already made in my shop on Etsy website.
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