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From which points to customize high-end packaging boxes

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-12

High-end packaging boxes are an important part of the product, therefore, it is not an easy task to customize the packaging box. When customizing, we need to understand product demand, customer demand and product sales points, and the value of high-end packaging boxes can be maximized through comprehensive design.


Different products have different needs for packaging boxes. Before customizing high-end packaging boxes, we need to know what type of packaging the product needs. For fragile items, such as: porcelain, electronic products, or gift boxes composed of multiple products, etc. This type of product has very strict requirements for the protection of the packaging box. The packaging box for fragile products should not leave extra space after packaging the product, so as to avoid product damage caused by shaking. In addition, it can also be used in packaging A liner is added to the box to protect the product from damage caused by collisions. In addition to fragile products, there are many products that are sensitive to sunlight and moisture. When customizing the packaging box, you need to pay attention to the waterproofness and light-proof performance of the packaging box. For large electrical appliances, it is also necessary to consider the transportation of the product.


The product ultimately serves the buyer, and it should also meet the needs of customers when customizing high-end packaging boxes. Before designing the packaging box, we need to understand the target customer group of your product, and then design the packaging according to the preferences of the target customer. For example, for children, they generally like packaging with bright colors or printed cartoon images; for men, they prefer images or structures of science and technology and science fiction.

method of sales

Which platform is the product mainly sold on? Is it online or offline? For products sold online, we need to pay special attention to the protection of the packaging box. For products sold offline, it is necessary to attract customers' attention through exquisite and beautiful packaging boxes. Secondly, retail stores have limited personnel, and many customers will check the product information in the high-end packaging box when purchasing, and then make purchases according to their needs. Therefore, when customizing offline product packaging boxes, special attention needs to be paid to the appearance of the packaging box and the way information is displayed.

When customizing packaging boxes, we can start from the product, customer needs and its sales method. Because, only by being more targeted can the value of high-end packaging be maximized.

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