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Four principles of making and designing kraft paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-15

For the design of kraft paper bags, there are different design styles on the market. Different designers have different design concepts. But in the final analysis, the design of kraft paper bags still has to follow four design principles. They are the principle of relevance, the principle of living, the principle of vividness and the principle of compatibility.

First of all, let's discuss the correlation principle of kraft paper bag production and design. The design principle of this kind of kraft paper bag mainly requires that the design of the kraft paper bag should be related to the brand and can show the main information of the product. For example, Nike’s sneakers must highlight basic elements such as fashion, sports and technology when designing its kraft paper bags. This can be associated with the Nike brand. When discussing this design style, we often notice whether the designer has expressed some basic elements. The second is the living principle of kraft paper bag design, which is a design that the public can accept and understand. If the design of a kraft paper bag is imaginative and everyone can't understand it, then this kind of kraft paper bag is destined to be a failed product. We must design kraft paper bags according to the acceptance of the masses. The third is the principle of vividness. A kraft paper bag is actually a small advertisement. The kraft paper bag we usually see is actually the best image spokesperson for the product. Although this kind of advertisement is silent, the artistic effect it shows is actually very rich. If you can grasp this element well when designing, then this kraft paper bag is a good design product. Finally, there is the principle of compatibility. This principle of compatibility is also called the principle of consistency. That is, the design of the kraft paper bag is consistent with the content of the product.

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