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Four aspects that need to be paid attention to in paper bag making font design

by:Jialan Package     2021-03-21

As the trend of simple design in paper bag production is increasing, the elements of pictures appear less and less, and the font design of paper bag production becomes more and more important. Well-designed glyphs have more visual expression language than the meaning of the text itself, and sometimes the font design itself is the main body or feature of the advertising design. Good font design can drive sales. So what do you need to pay attention to when designing fonts as a paper bag manufacturer?

First of all, the font design of paper bags needs to pay attention to the stroke design

Stroke design is a change in the shape of strokes on the basis of keeping the text structure relatively stable. The shape of the stroke determines the form and style of the font. Variation, balance and other methods can be used to change methods. The design of the stroke form can be a partial change of part of the stroke, or a unified change of the overall stroke. Stroke changes should conform to the structural characteristics of the font and consider the coordination of the overall style.

The thickness of the font strokes must have certain specifications and proportions. When designing the text, the thickness and form of the same strokes within the same character and between different characters should be unified, and the font should not lose the overall character due to excessive changes. The sense of uniformity makes people feel visually uncomfortable.

Secondly, the font design of paper bags needs to pay attention to the structural design

Structural design is a change to the structure of the text. The structure is the main basis for the recognizable characters, and the modification of the character structure depends on the plasticity of the specific characters. You can use nesting, twisting, sharing and other methods to change the structure.

If the design font is Chinese characters, you should know that the structure of Chinese characters is mainly square characters. When designing creative fonts, you can change the structure between characters in the design according to the specific product brand characteristics and positioning. , Shape, size, and strokes to achieve vivid effects.

Then, the font design of paper bags needs to pay attention to the font decoration design

Font decoration design is to design the surface of the text without changing the structure of the font. The fonts can be beautified by methods such as attachment, texture, and three-dimensional. The way of decoration can be overall decoration or partial decoration to highlight the characteristics. The means and content of the decoration design should be consistent, strengthen the character of the text itself and the characteristics of the text content, and make the text and decoration effect harmonious and unified.

Finally, font connection design

Connection refers to the connection between the strokes of a character, forming the overall relationship of several characters, and is a commonly used technique in font design. Design techniques such as connection, interoperability, and overlap can be used. The ligatures should be flexibly combined and guided in the light of the situation to prevent unreasonable and unreasonable connections, and should not cause a lack of recognition.

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