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Food packaging gift box customization case

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-05

Food is the basic substance that human beings rely on for survival and development. With the continuous development of society, modern consumers are keen to try food that tastes better to them. There are also various foods for people to choose from in the market. So, as a food manufacturer, how do you make your products stand out and be selected by customers to buy? The best way to do this is to invest in the appearance of the food gift box. Below, I will introduce several examples of excellent food packaging designs for inspiration.

Mirzam chocolate

The moment we saw the beautifully illustrated Mirzam chocolate box, he won us over. Mirzam chocolate boxes follow a dreamy nautical theme, a design that can effectively stimulate customers' curiosity.

The starry night sky, colorful colors blend with each other, is very breathtaking. In addition, the hand-painted pictures of Papua New Guinea's culture and people's map are also very stunning, making every element of it play a role. Different nautical backdrops also showcase the different flavors of chocolate.


This food box from Chocolocuras is so fun that it can be considered a fun toy in addition to being a box. The structure of the package is a round box with a world cover. When the cover is turned, the head of the character on the cover can change the body at will, and each package has a different character.

Good Hair Day Pasta

For those consumers who like fine food, the package design of Good Hair Day Pasta is simply what the packaging looks like in their minds. In the design of this award-winning food packaging box, two points are mainly emphasized: 1. to attract consumers' attention, and 2. to display products. Each pasta uses the haircut shape as the window shape. Once the box is filled with noodles, the food becomes part of the packaging design.

Love Earth Chocolate

It is not difficult to see the company's love for the earth through the name of the brand. The material of the packaging box is made of very environmentally friendly paper material. The green natural color is also used in the graphic design, which not only expresses the brand concept of environmental protection of the enterprise, but also promotes that its products are green and organic. Each different chocolate has a bold large font, emphasizing the taste of the food.

When purchasing food, most of the purchase decisions depend on its food packaging design when faced with a new brand or product. I hope that the above several excellent food packaging designs can help you get inspiration when customizing the packaging box. If you need to customize the packaging box, you can also contact us, and we will provide you with a perfect packaging solution.

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