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Folding carton design ideas

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-10

It is a win-win for every brand to impress customers with packaging cartons designed with unique elements. Not only will you be able to get an exquisite outer packaging, but also a distinctive product outer packaging that will pay more attention to your products. Folding box is a very popular type of box, so what is a folding carton? What are the advantages of folding packaging boxes compared to ordinary cartons?

Folding cartons are usually made of gray board or white cardboard. The design pattern in the box is usually printed first, then cut and folded into shape. This type of packaging offers a lot of creativity and flexibility for brands, as folding cartons can be designed not only on the outside of the package, but also on the inside. Folding cartons, like common packaging boxes, can have enough creative space, and can also attract customers' attention through some small decorations.

Folding boxes are more cost-effective than regular boxes. The folding performance of the folding packaging box can greatly save transportation costs during transportation. As a large packaging export factory, when many foreign brands are looking for cooperation to customize packaging boxes, in order to save transportation costs, most of them will choose the folding box style. In addition to effectively saving transportation costs, it can also save a part of storage costs for enterprises.

Although the folding performance of the folding packaging box is very strong, it does not affect its safety performance at all. In terms of material, the gray board paper has a very strong pressure resistance, which can provide enough protection for the product, and the corners of the packaging box can be fixed by magnets. Not only is it very strong, but it can also be folded multiple times, which also greatly increases the probability of customers collecting the packaging box.

You already know that packaging is more than just presenting a product and keeping it safe. A vital marketing tool sure to delight your customers and build your brand, folding cartons will provide you with easy-to-storage packaging and endless customizable printing, stickers and unique design options.

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