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Fatal details to create the perfect wedding hand-held paper bag production

by:Jialan Package     2021-03-12

Details determine success or failure, and the secret of this success is also the same in the portable paper bag making industry. In recent years, with the popularization of the concept of personalized customization, more and more brands have focused on the field of high-end packaging customization. As a company that specializes in high-end packaging customization in the industry, it has been engaged in packaging export for 20 years, especially in the production of some high-end clothing packaging, jewelry packaging, and cosmetics handbags. We often serve world-class brands, and attention to detail is ours. One of the advantages. Let's take a look at how to create the perfect wedding hand-held paper bag with deadly details.

A high-end European wedding dress brand custom-made bridal sets, using white non-woven fabrics and navy blue edging. The brand has relatively high quality requirements, and the design styles are complex, with finely encapsulated transparent windows and multi-layer reinforced rivets , As well as the viscose inner liner cloth and many other details, so the early development and proofing have gone through a long process. The customers are striving for perfection. Our development and design personnel take every improvement seriously, even some details. We will produce a variety of partial effects for customers to choose from, and the final sample is confirmed after 10 samples before and after.

After placing the order, the development department and business department finally breathed a sigh of relief. This is a hard-won order; the sewing process has already begun in the factory at the stage of mass production, and the sales commissioner in charge of the order still feels uneasy , So I went directly to the factory to check and saw that everything was normal and returned, but on the way back, I suddenly thought of a problem, that is, I did not carefully compare the coverage of the bulk non-woven fabrics, so I immediately got off the train and returned midway. , Continue to check this question, but found a fatal detail, found that the white non-woven fabric cover of the bulky fabric is slightly insufficient than the previously confirmed sample, and the contrast under various lights is still the same feeling. , So immediately ordered to stop sewing, and immediately notified the raw material supplier for self-inspection, and brought the material samples back to the company for discussion. After discussion, it was decided to redo the fabric immediately, increase the white master ratio, and improve the coverage. The bulk goods were successfully completed in the later period. , The guests are also very satisfied.

Since the production of this wedding hand-held paper bag belongs to a high-end European brand, the brand's positioning is fully considered when making this treatment. Of course, if it is used to hold a pure white wedding dress, this problem will not be discovered, but this brand There are dresses of other colors underneath. The appearance of the portable paper bag will definitely be affected. Customers must not accept a somewhat translucent portable paper bag to reduce the image of their product. If this detail is not noticed, it is likely to be paid for the early development. Efforts will fall short.

Always adhere to our principle, details first, and never give any defective products to customers. We will never joke about the trust of customers. No matter how the market changes, we will still pay attention to every detail and every one. Link. Just imagine, if you don’t pay attention to this kind of details and help the guests to check it out, how can the guests trust us to take care of their brand image?

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