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Factors that should be considered in the design of gift paper bags

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-11
Gift paper bag making can often be seen in our daily life, but not everyone can remember that a successful paper bag making is inseparable from a beautiful packaging design. With the continuous growth of gift box consumption, people's needs are also constantly changing. Some need green packaging, some need exquisite high-end packaging, some need high quality, and some need low price. So, how to design a user-satisfied paper bag making? What factors should be considered?

Design Considerations

1. Material selection, the correctness of material selection directly affects the competitiveness of the product and is directly related to the exposure of the product;

Second, the color tone, the color of the designed product is best coordinated, this is very important, this is a psychological strategy to stimulate consumers to buy, a reasonable color combination can reveal the characteristics of the product and give consumers a very strong attraction ;

Three, shape, according to the physical properties of the product, it is very important to design the shape of the packaging. We also need to consider factors such as transportation, collection, etc.;

Fourth, the pattern, which is the core element to impress the user with the product. For example, cartoon patterns directly create a feeling of joy and happiness, and enhance users' desire to buy;

5. Label, this part of the content can directly feedback product information to users, including brand, production date, usage method, etc.

Crowd considerations

First, the group of children. As the status of children in the family increases, gifts for children are becoming more expensive and trendy. Therefore, gift box packaging should pay attention to shape, color and pattern. The colors should be bright and varied, and the patterns should be large, deformed or exaggerated, such as various cartoon images. Packaging also takes into account the safety of children.

Second, the youth group. The youth group is relatively picky about the packaging of gifts, so the design of the paper bag production should be meticulous, not only practical, but also artistic and popular. The design, color or pattern of the gift packaging should be varied in order to avoid being outdated and rigid, in order to meet the needs of young people.

Three, female groups. When designing gift boxes for women, it should be different from men's standards. Women's appreciation of gift packaging pays more attention to details, and women's psychology also tends to be soft, rich and warm in packaging design. The design style highlights art and pop, and adding some cute patterns is also a good choice.

Fourth, the elderly. Gift box packaging for the elderly should be considered simple, solemn, easy to carry, and have a certain tradition and practicality. Gifts for the elderly are mainly food supplements, so the packaging design should be simple and easy to understand.

Gift giving is more and more common in life, and consumers are becoming more and more sophisticated about the choice of gift paper bags. Designers need to fully consider the different psychological needs of different groups of people, and comprehensively consider factors such as material selection, color tone, shape, pattern, etc. to design products to meet various consumer groups. At the same time, it is necessary to design the packaging products that users really like according to the design requirements of environmental protection, safety and harmlessness.

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