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Environmentally friendly packaging materials for the box

by:Jialan Package     2022-03-11

Packaging box environmental protection packaging materials are as follows:

1. Reusable and reusable packaging materials Reusable packaging, such as beer, beverages, soy sauce, vinegar, etc., are packaged in glass bottles for repeated use. There are two ways to use packaging: the physical method refers to the direct and thorough purification and pulverization without any residual pollutants, and the treated plastic is directly used in the packaging container; the chemical method refers to the pulverization and washing of the recycled PET, and the effect of the catalyst In the next step, all PET is depolymerized into monomers or partial polymerization, and after purification, the monomers are repolymerized into packaging materials. The reuse and reuse of packaging materials only prolong the service life of plastic and other polymer materials as packaging materials. When the service life is reached, it still faces the problem of waste disposal and environmental pollution.

2. Edible packaging material Edible packaging film. For decades, the familiar glutinous rice paper used on candy packaging and the corn bake packaging cup for ice cream are typical edible packaging. Among the synthetic edible packaging films, the more mature ones are transparent, colorless, odorless, tough, and highly oil-resistant films, which are edible and can be used for food packaging. Its gloss, strength and folding resistance are relatively good. Edible plastic wrap. As early as the 12th and 13th centuries in my country, wax was used to coat oranges and lemons to delay their dehydration and weight loss. Extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. The edible fresh-keeping film generally used now has developed into a variety of functional properties, with obvious water resistance and certain optional air permeability, so it has broad application prospects in the food industry, especially in the preservation of fruits and vegetables

3. Degradable material Degradable material refers to a plastic whose chemical structure changes under a specific environment that causes performance loss within a specific time. Degradable plastic packaging materials not only have the functions and characteristics of traditional plastics, but also can be split, degraded and reduced in the natural environment through the action of ultraviolet light in sunlight or the action of microorganisms in soil and water after the service life is completed, and finally regenerated in form. Get into the environment and get back to nature.

4. Paper material The raw material of paper is mainly plant fiber, which will rot very quickly in nature and will not pollute the environment. It can also be recycled to make paper again. Paper materials also have various uses such as pulp casting parts, composite materials, and building materials.

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