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Environmental protection + fashion killing two birds with one stone

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-03

It is said that the production of paper-preserving bags has held up a protective umbrella for the environmental protection industry. Now many shoppers take to the streets to carry their own environmental-friendly paper bags to make them. Entering the era of environmental protection in the 21st century, now we pay attention to the environmental protection of the whole people. After the order was issued, the plastic bags that were arrogant for a while were retired. Now everyone wants to be an environmental protection expert, so more and more people have higher requirements for the design and style of cloth bags.

You don't need to worry about the quality of the cloth bags. In recent years, environmental protection has become a new topic of social discussion. An ordinary cloth bag only needs to be carefully designed by designers to make it look different and highlight the pattern. Spirituality and beauty. Let's recommend some fashion collocation and use methods of non-woven bags for you!

I want to say that the reusable bag really kills two birds with one stone, helping you to match the fashion!

(1) If you have a light-colored cloth bag, you can simply match it with a simple T-shirt + shorts, which can also bring out the big star style.

(2) A slightly retro canvas bag with various patterns printed on it to make it look different. Both men and women who love beauty can carry such an environmentally friendly product and strive to make it fashion icon.

(3) A simple and plain paper bag is more suitable for girls in colleges and universities to carry. It not only has simple embellishments, but also can be low-carbon and low-key, and simple life is reflected from the inside to the outside. The word health.

Different combinations and applications of environmentally friendly paper bags can not only add a lot of fun to our lives, but also highlight the real use of cloth bags. As a fashionista, you, whether it is a big man or a beautiful MM , will not be ashamed to go out because of the indecent design of the pattern, environmental protection + fashion kills two birds with one stone.

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