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Emotional connection between premium packaging and customers

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-05

High-end packaging design can evoke an emotional response between customers and products. Branding involves more than picking colors and fonts that work well together. When a brand launches a new product, they always expect a positive response from the public, but sometimes find it a bit difficult to make the product stand out from the competition. Understanding the connection between customers and products can reduce mistakes in brand product packaging design.

The Link Between Color and Brand Emotion

From birth, we are attracted to the colors around us, and different colors attract people in different ways. It's a behavior that's ingrained in our mental makeup. Even as adults, their shopping habits are influenced by primal instincts. Many studies have explored people's psychological responses to certain colors. These results have begun to be applied in all aspects of our lives, including consumer research and brand emotion display.

The color chosen by the brand is the key to attracting target customers. Different colors can convey different information to customers. For example, black can convey a mysterious and high-end feeling to people; white can convey a feeling of cleanliness and Spring Festival to people; and red can convey a festive and enthusiastic feeling to people. . Beyond that, consider the differences in how color is perceived between cultures.

Brand Story

Nothing drives product sales like authenticity. When brands portray their authentic selves through premium packaging design, you’ll find that this attention to detail fosters an emotional connection between customers and the brand. And the first rule of sales is to create an emotional connection with the customer. Emotional connection can trigger customers' trust in the brand, and trust can make customers return to your brand's products repeatedly.

Functionality of packaging design

When designing retail packaging, you need to make it easy to open. If customers are disappointed with your packaging, they won't buy it again. Especially for luxury packaging, consider an easy-to-roll grayboard pasted box to better showcase your products.

Creating an emotional connection with customers through the product box can be tricky. However, once you have researched your target customer group, the process becomes very easy. Professional packaging box manufacturers can help you perfectly produce packaging design into exquisite high-end packaging boxes.

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