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Eco-friendly paper bag making style fashionable

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-01

I think that compared with the original non-woven paper bag, the quality of the current environmental protection paper bag is still the same, but it has increased its external beauty on the basis of the original, and now it has changed the original single In this way, now the industry of environmental protection bags has become popular rapidly, and the main reason is that it not only retains its quality, but also has a great change in style.

The fashionable and environmentally friendly paper bag made by I am not a plastic bag launched by the famous British brand Ania Hindmarch, although the market price is only 15 US dollars, but its auction price on the e-harbour website is 10 higher times. But different from the traditional eco-friendly paper bag making, the newly launched paper bag making by designers has a unique design and unique style, and its fashionable design is another reason why it is so popular. She hopes to attract more consumers to use them by designing fashionable eco-friendly paper bags.

The Associated Press reported that the production of reusable eco-friendly paper bags has long been popular in the United States. At first, the production of environmentally friendly paper bags was only used in a few agricultural product markets and supermarkets, but now major cities in the United States have advocated the use of environmentally friendly paper bags such as canvas bags instead of plastic bags, calling on people to contribute to protecting the environment. I also call on everyone, environmental protection depends on everyone, I hope everyone starts from me, and everyone gives a love.

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