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Eco-friendly paper bag making is a professional

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-03

It is not enough to have an idea for the customized service of environmentally friendly paper bags. If the various craftsmanship of environmentally friendly paper bags are very poor, under the current trend of the times, even if you have an idea, it will not work, then today's printing factory Let me introduce to you the correct way to operate the embossing technique of the environmental protection portable paper bag making service.

u200b1. Before starting the embossing of the environmentally friendly portable paper bag, make a detailed inspection of the tightness of the power switch and grinding wheel, as well as the protective cover or safety baffle. If you want to complete the production of the environmentally friendly portable paper bag Then the console must be firm and stable. If it is operated at night, there must be enough lighting, and it can be started only after ensuring safety.

u200b2. Only after the machine for making environmentally friendly paper bags is started and operates normally, the material will be cut off, and the end that is close to the cutting machine must be tightly clamped with a clamp during the cutting process, and then hold the cutting machine to apply force. The hand will slowly increase the force, and do not suddenly increase the force after the initial cutting, to prevent damage to the cutting wheel and the flying of the wheel to cause personal injury.

u200b3. When the embossed short steel bar is about 25 cm, it must be clamped with a clamp, and it is strictly forbidden to feed the material directly by hand. When cutting a longer steel bar, the other end must be helped by a person. When operating, the steps should be uniform, and it should not be dragged at will. When cutting the material again, the personnel who control the cutting machine are not allowed to face the grinding wheel, and must stand on the side. When it is cracked, it will pop up and cause damage. This item will be used if there are special skills to deal with when dealing with the production of environmentally friendly paper bags.

u200bFourth, after the embossing work of the environmentally friendly portable paper bag is completed, it is necessary to turn off the power and power off, lock the door of the box, and prepare the protection against rain when working in the open air, which will cause damage to the machine.

u200b5. It is not allowed to use an embossing machine instead of a grinding machine to complete the grinding operation in the production of environmentally friendly portable paper bags.

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