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E-commerce high-end packaging gift box customization art

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-09

Whether it is retailing high-end packaging boxes in physical stores or e-commerce packaging gift boxes, it will go through an extraordinary process. For product packaging in physical stores, merchants will pay more attention to appearance design. The e-commerce gift box has many other considerations besides the appearance design, such as transportation safety and so on. Let's introduce the packaging art of e-commerce gift boxes, and a few things to consider when making e-commerce packaging gift boxes.

Unboxing experience

In an e-commerce product, the customer's first interaction with the product is when the product arrives in the customer's hands after they purchase it. Since customers' expectations are based entirely on what they see about the product online, it's important to ensure that the physical packaging protects the product and makes a good first impression.

An unforgettable unboxing experience will include an exciting product presentation. Although the unboxing experience should be relatively mysterious, during the unboxing process, an intuitive product display can well convey the quality of the product, therefore, it can also create a pleasant shopping experience and brand impression for customers.

Suitable package size

Custom packaging can create an exquisite appearance for the product and create a good unboxing experience for customers. Therefore, the packaging should fit the product as tightly as possible to avoid the risk of product damage. Excessive packaging not only makes it more difficult for customers to open the box, but also increases the shipping cost of the product. Many environmentally conscious customers will resist, as the extra material used may be considered an unnecessary expense.


Because the characteristic of e-commerce products is to deliver products to customers through express delivery and logistics, the product gift box needs to be durable enough to ensure that the integrity of the product is protected during transportation. Because, damaged products can lead to negative perceptions of your brand or perception of your brand as unreliable. Secondly, product damage will also affect the reputation of the online store and lead to a decline in product sales.


Because the product is delivered directly to the customer, there is little interaction between the customer and your brand until the product is received. Therefore, in order to allow customers to better connect with the brand to increase loyalty, your brand needs to show customers the value of the product after they receive it, and personalized packaging is an effective way to do so. Personalized packaging does not require exaggerated packaging design, but needs to integrate the brand and product personality into the packaging design to customize packaging with brand value.

Customizing e-commerce packaging gift boxes is an art. If you have high-end gift boxes that need to be customized, please contact us. Our packaging experts will provide you with the perfect customized solution.

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