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Drawer box case

by:Jialan Package     2023-06-10

Drawer boxes are very common packaging structures in our lives, and are often used in beauty, electronic products, gifts, clothing and other industries. From the point of view of the interaction between the brand and customers, the structure of the drawer packaging box can provide customers with a good unpacking experience. Here are some very exquisite drawer packaging designs for you, hoping to provide you with packaging design inspiration.

Mia Belle Cosmetic Box

Mia Belle is a company dedicated to the research and development of natural and organic beauty products. The cosmetic packaging box is consistent with the product concept in that it chooses simple brown kraft paper as the main packaging material when selecting materials, emphasizing the brand's mission of environmental protection, while still providing consumers with an attractive appearance. This also makes eco-friendly product packaging complement natural, organic products.

Cupcake Central cake box

Based in Australia, Cupcake Central is a well-known cupcake company known for its unique and innovative flavors. Its packaging design is also very consistent with the characteristics of its brand products. Drawer boxes are a great way to package and display products, making them stand out. The brand logo of Cupcake Central is very artistic, which not only shows the brand, but also makes the product more attractive.

Northern Lights Candle Box

Candle company Northern Lights has a clever packaging design. The pastel packaging color scheme contrasts with the color of the candles. Off-white paired with brown-gray gives potential customers a rustic feel. Although this candle packaging box cannot bring customers eye-catching visual effects from the appearance, its overall design and color matching can leave a deep impression on customers.

Alliance Bakery Chocolate Box

If you are planning to customize chocolate packaging boxes, drawer boxes are one of the very good and popular choices. Alliance Bakery's chocolate packaging box uses classic black as the main color, and is matched with a natural color kraft paper cover, which can instantly grab the attention of potential users. The blister lining added inside the box can well separate the chocolates to prevent them from rolling .

The application industry of drawer packaging boxes is very wide. If you need to customize product packaging boxes now, you may wish to learn more about drawer packaging boxes.

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