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Do you want to know the design and material of kraft paper bags?

by:Jialan Package     2022-04-05

Now there are many kraft paper bag manufacturers, and the gift boxes they make are also various, so do you want to know how they are designed?

First of all, the characteristics of design are mainly reflected in practicality, aesthetics, economy and relevance. There are many key points in the design of gift boxes. Practicality is one of the basic attributes of design. It mainly considers the function and function of the product, which can be reflected through the material, structure, shape and pattern of the packaging. Generally speaking, there are more people who are stuck with paper, so it not only has the function of packaging, but also highlights part of the role to a certain extent. The exquisiteness of the kraft paper bag is proportional to the increase in the value of the product, which weakens the product to a certain extent. use value. The protection of goods is almost the same as that of general packaging. In order to highlight the value, more expensive and beautiful linings are used to protect goods, such as silk.

It is not as convenient as general packaging in the circulation process, the value of gifts is relatively high, and the cost of circulation is bound to be high, such as collision-free, deformation-free and so on. The beautification of kraft paper bags undoubtedly has a high influence on attracting customers.

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