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Do you know the craftsmanship of cosmetic kraft paper bag design?

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-02

Nowadays, there are more and more types of cosmetics, and the packaging of cosmetics on the market is also emerging in an endless stream. The production method and process of cosmetic kraft paper bags must be inseparable from our common processes. In order to improve the high-end cosmetic packaging A grade of packaging, most of them will choose some back-end production processes or different box structures to improve the overall visual effect and grade of the packaging and play an auxiliary role in increasing sales. However, the same is true. Any cosmetic packaging box or other product packaging or gift packaging must go through the following processes before it can be formed. So what are their production procedures and processes? Let us, who have more than ten years of experience in cosmetic kraft paper bag design, tell you about it.

1. Printing

The first and most important step in cosmetic packaging is to print first. The printing manufacturers use offset printing (commonly known as color printing). Color printing is to print the desired color effect through the mixing of four primary colors, magenta, yellow, cyan, and black inks. Special gold, special silver, special red and so on belong to the special color printing method. In addition to ordinary offset printing, the printing method needs to be adjusted under different conditions of printing materials, such as various gold cardboard papers, the printing method used is UV printing. The higher the number of spot colors in the design files that customers provide, the higher the cost of printing. When printing cosmetic color boxes, printing gold and silver is also a printing effect that improves the upper grade. The following processes must be prepared before printing. First select or design the box-shaped structure of the packaging carton. Customers who have samples provided will make them according to the customer's samples. Why design the box structure first? Because one of the subsequent processes of the carton needs to be die-cut, in order to make the standard box structure. Before designing, you can design the artwork copy according to the designed die line. After designing the file and confirming the file, you need to make a plate first. Four-color printing is four screen plates, and one spot color is one spot color plate. The number of spot colors is more than the number of plates.

2. Process

After the printing is completed, a surface treatment process is required. The most direct effect of the lamination process and the varnishing process is to protect the printing surface from grinding. They are a common production process. For example, in the production of color boxes, when the gray board paper is printing a certain darker color, if the varnish treatment is not performed, the entire surface will increase the feeling of dullness and oldness. The degree of increase will give people a new feeling visually. Cosmetic packaging rarely uses the varnish process. More use of other processes such as lamination, hot stamping, hot silver, UV, bump, embossing, etc., all increase the high-end and exquisiteness of packaging products.

Three, die cutting

Die-cutting is a necessary process before gluing. The blade is made by the box-shaped structure selected before designing the artwork. When die-cutting, the blade is installed on the die-cutting machine, and the professional die-cutting master aligns the position and angle one by one according to the shape of the blade. The size deviation of die-cutting is about 1 mm, which belongs to the normal range.

Four, paste box

The useless edges and corners of the die-cut printed surface have been removed. The next step is to form the folder. When gluing the folder, you need to carefully align the position of the lines. If there are high and low lines (the upper and lower lines are not aligned), speakers When the mouth (the box gluing line exceeds the gluing position line), it is an unqualified product. Manufacturers will conduct spot checks on the products when the pasting is completed. Only qualified products can be packaged and sent to customers for use.

Based on the above understanding, when we need to customize cosmetic packaging boxes, we first choose paper materials that are often used, such as high white cardboard, various gold cards, silver cards or laser cardboards, kraft cardboards with different textures Specialty paper. The gram weight used is generally 350 grams. Then choose the next production process. The production method that often occurs is: white cardboard is covered with a matte film, and then bronzing/silvering/hot laser on the surface, combined with the concave-convex process, the embossed logo or other patterns. Gold cardboard must be coated first and then UV treated. Generally, art paper can be directly UV or laminated after foil stamping or other processes with different needs. The specific process program can be made according to customer's customized requirements. The box type usually uses the socket box type. Lock bottom boxes and hook bottom boxes are also more common. The airplane box can be used as gift packaging or a complete set of cosmetic packaging, and it is recommended to hold light-weight cosmetics.

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