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Do you know the color production principles of cosmetic kraft paper bag design?

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-02

Packaging requires the existence of color in production. The design of cosmetic kraft paper bags also has original choices in color matching. The general principle of packaging is the existence of communication. Let's understand the principle of packaging color. Bar.

Refers to the product packaging, through the appropriate color to make the packaging more effective and more accurate to convey the product information. The purpose of the use of color is to make the packaging have good visibility, discernibility and readability, so that it has obvious differences, distinct personality characteristics and good recognition from similar products. Color not only has strong visual impact and strong ability to capture people's sight, but also makes it easier and faster for consumers to read commodity information. This requires designers to conduct a comprehensive market survey and analysis and positioning when carrying out the color of product packaging. According to the characteristics of the enterprise and product, through the scientific analysis of the color, the color is carried out and applied in a targeted manner. According to the scientific laws of color, people's psychological factors and the perceptual factors of color, the contrast and harmony of colors should be properly used to make the packaging meet the physiological perception conditions such as clear vision, sun attraction, legibility and interest.

Human vision includes two aspects: color perception and image perception, which are interdependent on each other. No color can be separated from the image. The image is perceived by our vision through the contrast of colors. If the color contrast is strong, the visual perception of the image is also strong, and the communication is strong; if the color contrast is weak, the visual perception of the image is also weak, and the communication is weak. In order to strengthen the visual effect of color in the packaging and achieve the purpose of good communication, we can make full use of the method of enhancing the brightness. The so-called brightness is the degree of wakefulness achieved by using the contrast relationship of colors.

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