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Do you know how to make the most expensive kraft paper bag?

by:Jialan Package     2021-04-06

The production and utilization rate of kraft paper bags is very high. It is firm, waterproof and low in cost. Compared with plastic bags, the production of kraft paper bags is obviously more popular in terms of aesthetics and visual effects. But, have you ever heard of making a $290 kraft paper bag?

It was reported in the 'New York Daily News' in the United States that the famous fashion brand Jill Sander launched a handbag made of brown kraft paper handbags, priced at 290 US dollars. It is unbelievable that this handbag is actually just made of a bento paper bag, and this top designer is selling it vigorously, and there is a long queue of fashionistas who want to buy this kraft paper bag.

In some specialty stores, this kraft paper bag called Vasari has been sold out, you can't even buy it online. In addition to the production of kraft paper bags, this Vasari handbag has another black leather version. The retail price of the black leather version is $630.

The price of kraft paper is very cheap for leather, but it is such a low cost that makes the production of kraft paper bags sold at such a high price, which can also feel the powerful effect of the high brand effect. People may have different opinions on the production of such high-priced kraft paper bags; but the fact that they can be sold shows that some people still recognize it, and the merchants are also successful.

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