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Do you know how much it costs to make a custom clothing paper bag?

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-07

Clothes paper bag making can be seen everywhere in our daily life. Anyone who knows it knows that paper bag making is like the image spokesperson of a product. The production of clothing paper bags, this small accessory, not only displays information such as clothing raw materials, prices, etc., but more importantly, its quality is related to an enterprise's service attitude to consumers. The production of high-quality clothing paper bags will make good clothing more noble. Therefore, it is very necessary to make custom-made clothing paper bags. How much does it cost to make a custom-made paper bag?

There are many factors that need to be considered in the production of custom-made clothing paper bags, such as what materials, processing techniques, and production quantities are used. In fact, the biggest influence is the processing technology. If a customer wants to make a batch of paper bags, first you have to find out what materials the customer requires to make paper bags, and then look at the printed content, whether it is monochrome or color. The cost of the film is involved. If it is monochrome, just one film will be produced, and if it is color, four films will be produced, and the price will go up at once. Let's see if there is hot stamping or hot silver. The cost of this process is relatively high. The starting price is several hundred. There is also lamination, lamination can be divided into light film and sub-film, the price is not much different, you can choose according to your needs, there is a particularly important process that is die-cutting, die-cutting can make your paper bags die-cut Arbitrary shape, this process is very mature, the shape error of the cut out is large, and now there is a laser knife version, the error is smaller. These aspects should be fully considered when the price is verified, and the calculated price should have little deviation.

So the factors of the overall price impression are: material, color, lamination, die-cutting, a total of four elements, as long as you know the price of these factors, you can know the price of custom-made clothing paper bags.

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