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Do white cardboard gift paper bags have to be covered?

by:Jialan Package     2022-05-15

u200bAs we all know, lamination can improve the toughness and bursting resistance of paper, protect printed images, and improve the service life and aesthetics of gift paper tote bags. The problem is, the production of white cardboard gift paper bags must be lamination What will happen if the film is not covered?

u200bThe biggest feature of white cardboard is its high hardness, smoothness and firmness. Because of its single-sided coating, the printing image effect is not as sharp and clear as double copper paper, and the color expression is not good. If the white cardboard gift paper carrier bags is made without film, the paper will be more brittle after printing, the printed image may fade, and it is easy to burst when indented. Even when it was shipped, the production of gift paper bags seemed to have no problems, but the quality was not guaranteed, and problems were prone to occur later. Customers complained, the most serious ones may be rework or permanent loss of customers, and the consequences are unimaginable.

u200bSo don't underestimate the simple-sounding process of laminating, and don't be lazy to reduce costs by not using this process.

u200bIs there only the process of lamination to protect the paper paper carrier bags? In fact, it is not. If the budget is sufficient, oiling or UV printing can also be used, both of which can protect the production of gift paper tote bagsu200b and extend the service life of gift paper bags.

u200bSome customers of food and fast-moving consumer products require no film coating. We will respect his choice on the principle of customer first, and tell him the possible consequences at the same time, so this kind of non-coated white cardboard It's a different story when it comes to making gift paper bags.

u200bIf you have any needs for making cardboard tote bags, kraft paper bags, and tote bags, please contact us,

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