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Do paper garment paper bags need to be coated? Experts help you

by:Jialan Package     2021-03-14

Laminating is a surface processing process after the production of printed paper paper bags. It uses transparent plastic film to be applied to the surface of paper clothing paper bags through hot pressing to protect and increase gloss. In terms of appearance, if you don't take a closer look, there is not much difference between the production of laminated and uncoated paper bags, but the price is very different. The production of custom laminated paper bags is twice the price of uncoated paper bags. Merchants are puzzled, whether this should add a coating process to the tag?

As a factory focusing on packaging and printing, I feel that if the cost is within the budget, it should add a laminating process to the production of label paper bags. Why do you say that. Consumers are picky. If this brand business card made from paper bags for clothing is ordinary, it will also be associated with ordinary product grades, which will reduce consumers' desire to buy. You know, friends who are accustomed to shopping can still tell whether the film is covered or not at a glance.

The so-called details are more noble. Now we compare the production of coated paper paper bags and the production of uncoated paper bags, you will clearly know the difference between them. Made of paper bags for over-film garments, unprocessed film-covered, the cut surface is relatively drier, and there is a little paper foam. The cut edge of the light side is easy to stick to the bottom of the dark side. After the paper bag is made and laminated, it feels smooth, water-proof, color-proof, and not easy to tear. In addition, the dazzling luster can be clearly seen on the surface of the coated tag.

Although the production of laminated paper paper bags can highlight high-quality details, the laminating process is a professional job after all. If it is not done well, bubbles or white spots will appear. This is due to the fact that there will be some small particles and dust on the surface of the paper bag when it is printed before laminating, so that a layer of bright white plastic film is added to the surface to show the white spots inside. Another point is that when the laminating machine is working, there is some air and dust in the film and glue. If they are not removed, the paper made of paper bags will have small white spots and small bubbles when the film is covered. Although these problems are It is inevitable. If there are too many small white spots, the quality of the garment paper bags produced is mostly unqualified.

Therefore, when choosing a paper bag manufacturer, you need to keep your eyes open and look for a manufacturer with a professional printer.

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